Details of Aberdeen Plume Plotter

This page should be read in conjunction with How Plume Plotter Works. It provides more details specific to the Aberdeen version of Plume Plotter.

Stack measurements

All of these are taken from [1]:

The following values are used for albedo, Bowen ratio, and roughness length. All of these except Bowen ratio are specified in [1]:


The emission rates of pollutants are taken from [1]. These are:

PollutantEmission rate
per second
Oxides of nitrogen3.98 g
Particulates PM10280 mg
VOCs280 mg
Hydrogen chloride280 mg
Hydrogen flouride28 mg
Carbon monoxide1.42 g
Sulphur dioxide1.42 g
Ammonia280 mg
Mercury1.42 mg
Cadmium and thallium1.42 mg
Other metals14.2 mg
Dioxins and furans2.84 ng
PAHs3.4 μg

Background levels

The background levels of pollutants are taken from [1]. For some pollutants, the source document provides several readings, in which case we have used the average of them. The values we use are:

concentration per m3
Oxides of nitrogen39 μg
Particulates PM1022.5 μg
Hydrogen chloride310 ng
Hydrogen flourideN/A
Carbon monoxide280 μg
Sulphur dioxide2.58 μg
Ammonia650 ng
Mercury1.2 ng
Cadmium and thallium90 pg
Other metals17.12 ng
Dioxins and furans48.7 fg
PAHs100 pg

Weather data

Weather data is taken from METAR reports from a local airport: Aberdeen.

Upper air data is the latest reported by the Albemarle upper air station.


1. East Tullos Energy from Waste - Environmental Statement Appendix 11.A - Technical Methodology Report of Point Source Emissions to Air, Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure UK Limited, February 2016. There is no direct link! Search for planning application #160276 and select document named "Environmental Statement - Vol 3 / Appdx 11.A -11.B"