Details of Krasnoyarsk Plume Plotter

This page should be read in conjunction with How Plume Plotter Works. It provides more details specific to the Krasnoyarsk version of Plume Plotter.

Stacks and buildings

One stack is modelled. No buildings are included in the model because the stacks are so high that the buildings would not affect the plume.

Stack measurements

These details are supplied by local contacts. Each column refers to a different emissions source:

Stack easting (UTM): 493697493821489512489507
Stack northing (UTM): 6202887620286162035246203554
Stack base elevation (m): 173.76173.76146.76146.76
Stack height (m): 1801807070
Stack diameter (m):
Stack gas exit velocity (m/s): 15.7611.96.874.72
Stack gas temperature (°C): 143156149134
Emission rate (g/s): 533.729267.2449.33336.0444

The following (estimated) values are used for albedo, Bowen ratio and roughness length. These apply to the weather data site. In addition, because of the urban location, the "URBAN" option of AERMOD was used, with a roughness length of 1 metre and a population of 1 million.


The emission rates of the pollutant (sulphur dioxide) is shown in the above table.

Background levels

The background levels of pollutants are estimated:

concentration per m3
Sulphur dioxide5 μg

Weather data

Weather data is taken from METAR reports from a local airport: Krasnoyarsk.

Upper air data is the latest reported by the Emeljanovo upper air station.