Kwinana incinerator plume at 04:00 on Wed, 05 Aug 2020
Estimated concentration of oxides of nitrogen (μg/m3):

Cockburn International Kartway1.4
Lake Coogee1.2
Challenger TAFE Henderson1.1
Coastal Park1.1
Albion Park1.1
Coastal Park Motorcross Track1.1
Mervyn Bond Park1.1
Poole Reserve1
Solta Park1
South Coogee Reserve1
St Jerome's School1
Santich Park0.9
South Coogee Primary School0.9
Picotee Park0.9
Mihaljevich Park0.9
Peace Park0.9
Hagan Park0.9
RSL Memorial Park0.9
Smart Park0.9
Spearwood Alternative School0.9
Watson Oval0.9
Bishop Park0.9
Beale Park0.8
Dalmatinac Park0.8
Olive Tree Park0.8
Southwell Primary School0.8
Huljich Park0.8
Phoenix Primary School0.8
Cockburn Bowling Club0.8
Jess Thomas Pre-School0.8
Spearwood Bowling Club0.8
Spearwood Primary School0.8
McNeil Field0.7
Woodman Light0.7
New Life Christian College0.7
Valley Independent Sec School0.7
MacFaull Park0.7
Rotary Lookout0.7
Port Community High School0.7
Newton Primary School0.7
Lopresti Park0.7
Hamilton Hill0.7
Coogee Primary School0.7
Baker Square0.7
Kerry Street Community School0.7
Eliza Park0.7
East Hamilton Hill Primary School0.6
Alan Thomas Musical Shell0.6
Dixon Park0.6
Davilak Park0.6
Azelia Ley Homestead0.6
Greenslade Reserve0.6
Powell Reserve0.6
Katich Park0.6
Manning Lake0.6
Lucretia Park0.5
Radonich Park0.5
Hobbs Park0.5
Vela-Luka Park0.5
Arabella Park0.5
Len McTaggart Park0.5
Bombay Park0.4
Robb Hill0.4
Luttrell Park0.4
Hamilton Senior High School0.4
James Rocks0.3
Socrates Park0.3
Coogee Beach0.3
Mount Brown0.3
Jarvis Park0.3
Chelydra Park0.2
Barrow Park0.2
C Y O'Connor Beach0.2
Brownman Swamp0.2
Malabar Park0.2
North Coogee0.2
Next Generation South Perth Squash Centre0.2
Hollis Park0.2
Jervoise Bay Boat Harbour0.2
Naval Base0.2
Cockburn Power Boat Association0.2
Cockburn BMX Track0.2

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