Details of Lakeside Plume Plotter

This page should be read in conjunction with How Plume Plotter Works. It provides more details specific to the Lakeside version of Plume Plotter.

Stacks and buildings

Building measurements are taken from drawings in the planning application [1] and from aerial photos. This image shows the layout of the stack and building modelled. North is at the top; colours and numbers indicate the height of the building and the stack:

Stack measurements

Most of these are taken from [3], except stack location which comes from aerial photos. Note that the two flues (diameter 2.08m each) are combined into a single larger stack here:

The following values are used for albedo, Bowen ratio and roughness length. Roughness length is as specified in [1]:


The emission rates of pollutants are of two types. Both are calculated using the actual flow rate reported in [3], which is multiplied by the emission concentrations.

For the planned emission rates, the concentrations used are the IED limits, as stated in (e.g.) [1]. Resulting (mass per second) emission rates for each of the two flues are listed below:

PollutantEmission rate
per second
Oxides of nitrogen8.49 g
Particulates424.5 mg
Sulphur dioxide2.123 g
Carbon monoxide2.123 g
Hydrogen chloride424.5 mg
Hydrogen flouride84.9 mg
VOC424.5 mg
Mercury2.123 mg
Cadmium and thallium2.123 mg
Other metals21.23 mg
Dioxins and furans4.25 ng

The actual emission rates use the annual average concentrations for 2016, as reported in [2]. They are listed below:

PollutantEmission rate
per second
Oxides of nitrogen6.524 g
Particulates38.84 mg
Sulphur dioxide89.57 mg
Carbon monoxide139.9 mg
Hydrogen chloride74.92 mg
Hydrogen flouride22.92 mg
VOC24.41 mg
Ammonia7.217 mg
Mercury38 μg
Cadmium and thallium25 μg
Other metals1.397 mg
Dioxins and furans360 pg

Background levels

The background levels of pollutants are taken from the planning application for the South London incinerator (until more local data can be found). These are:

concentration per m3
Oxides of nitrogen30 μg
Particulates25 μg
Sulphur dioxide3.5 μg
Carbon monoxide205 μg
Hydrogen chloride1 μg
Hydrogen flouride500 ng
VOC650 ng
Ammonia3 μg
Mercury2 ng
Cadmium and thalliumN/A
Other metalsN/A
Dioxins and furans8 fg

Weather data

Weather data is taken from METAR reports from a local airport: London Heathrow.

Upper air data is the latest reported by the Herstmonceux upper air station.


1. Lakeside EFW Environmental Statement: Air Quality Impact Assessment. S Grundon Waste Ltd. July 1999.

2. Annual Performance Report For Lakeside EFW Ltd. Permit EA/EPR/BT7116IW/V002. 2016.

3. Assessment of particulate emissions from energy-from-waste plant. Ricardo AEA. October 2015.