Air pollution in Kingsway, Glos.

1-minute means
1-hour means
Rolling 1-hour means
24-hour means
Rolling 24-hour means
Latest Kingsway air pollution (PM2.5) at 01:06 28/03/23 is 3 μg/m3.
Latest 1-hour mean is 3 μg/m3 and 24-hour mean is 2 μg/m3.

The 1-hour and 24-hour means are from the SDS011 sensor for the period ending at 01:11 28/03/23. The graph shows how the concentration of PM2.5 has varied during the 24 hours ending at 01:11 28/03/23.

A PM2.5 concentration of 3 μg/m3 corresponds to a relative risk of mortality of 1.02, according to the latest UK expert advice.

Other sensors in Gloucestershire

The same plots are available showing all Luftdaten sensors in Gloucestershire: here.

Pollution measurement

Pollution is measured for one minute every five minutes by three particle sensors: SDS011, PMS5003, and PMS7003. The sensors are mounted on a fence about 1.5m above the ground in Kingsway, Gloucestershire.

Several alternative plots are available:


The readings are sent to the server (this page), and the SDS011 reading is also sent to and to display on their maps.