Ryburn Valley incinerators plume at 20:50 on Thu, 30 Jun 2022
Pollution at local places

The table shows the estimated concentration of oxides of nitrogen (μg/m3) at local places.

Bolton Brow Primary Academy1.2
Sacred Heart Academy0.6

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Data from Leeds Bradford airport at 20:50
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The map shows the distribution of pollution. The key below shows the concentration of oxides of nitrogen at each location.
Pointing mouse at DETAILS shows concentration of all pollutants, using "official" emission rates from the incinerator application.
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Maximum pollution in the map area is shown on right, with amount of oxides of nitrogen.
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1g = 1000mg
1mg = 1000μg
1μg = 1000ng
1ng = 1000pg
1pg = 1000fg