Drax power station plume at 23:20 on Wed, 25 May 2022
This shows the (predicted) current state of pollution from the power station at Selby, North Yorkshire.
The red line shows wind direction. Green rings show distance (km). The overlay shows concentration of particulates PM10 at ground level. Maximum:
7.8 ng/m3

Green=background, red=added by plume
Power generation:
315 MW (8%)

CO2 emission rate:
74 kg/s
This is approximately 37 m3/s: enough to fill 268 typical houses every hour.
Wind direction:
240 degrees

Wind speed:
9.2 mph
4.1 m/s

Cloud cover:

13 °C   
1015 mb

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Weather data from
Doncaster Sheffield airport
The map shows the distribution of pollution. The key below shows the concentration of oxides of nitrogen at each location.
Pointing mouse at DETAILS shows concentration of all pollutants, using "official" emission rates from the incinerator application.
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