Details of Eastern Creek Plume Plotter

This page should be read in conjunction with How Plume Plotter Works. It provides more details specific to the Eastern Creek version of Plume Plotter.

Stacks and buildings

Buildings are not incorporated into the model because there is insufficient detail in [1]. However, this should make little difference because of the relatively high stack.

Stack measurements

The stack height and location are taken from [1]. Typical values are used for velocity and temperature because these are not stated in [1]. The stack diameter was derived from the flow rate, which was estimated from the known annual throughput (300000 tpa).

The following values are used for albedo, Bowen ratio and roughness length. These are not specified in [1]:


The emission rates of pollutants are not stated in [1], but were calculated from the estimated normalised flow rate of 66.8 Nm3/s and the maximum emission concentrations of each pollutant in the EU 2019 BREF, which the planned incinerator will comply with, according to [1].

PollutantEmission rate
per second
Oxides of nitrogen8.02 g
Sulphur dioxide2.004 g
Particulates334 mg

Background levels

The background levels of pollutants are taken from the recent plans for the Blacktown incinerator. These are:

concentration per m3
Oxides of nitrogen21.6 μg
Sulphur dioxide1.5 μg
Particulates17.6 μg

Weather data

Weather data is taken from METAR reports from a local airport: Richmond.


1. Request for SEARs -- The Next Generation: Energy from Waste, Eastern Creek. Urbis. May 2020.